You want me to talk about your business?

Then give me a good reason and the collateral! It goes without saying your product or service has to be already really good (on the customer’s criteria- not yours). The next step is to then help the process along with 3 key drivers:

  • Education – Teach your customers and staff how to help
  • Reward – Highlight and reward great reviews
  • Motivation – Give customers and staff things that guarantee they tell a friend

dessertgiftExample – As we left the restaurant the owner gave us a little box, it was very extravagant looking with high quality packaging and sealed shut. She said it contained a new secret desert and as she passed it to each of us she asked for our names and email addresses and gave us her card to ring her personally next time we came for dinner. She told us we were her perfect customers and asked us to email back our opinion on the secret dessert. Yes, you guessed it, and when we did, she personally thanked each of us and invited us back and offered complimentary desserts for anyone one dining with us.

Do you think we would tell anyone?????? Absolutely, but also we were elevated to “perfect customer” status which feels much, much better than not being appreciated or noticed and for that very reason alone we will go back much sooner than we might otherwise have. The net result – increased frequency of existing customers and almost a guarantee that the customers will tell all their friends about the secret dessert experience.

Mark Collins
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