You are the cause of your result!

2017 will be your best year ever if you want it to be- You are the cause of your Result!

A couple of things on Goals and Resolutions

There is a lot of stuff published about setting goals – My quick review of available research showed that:

  • Approximately 60% of people set some sort of New Year goals most years.
  • These people were 10x more likely to succeed than the other 40% that didn’t.
  • Approximately 10% of those that set new years goals actually follow through.

This means that NOT STARTING and NOT FINISHING are the two things with in your power to move your likely hood of success from around 6% to 100%! Change your chance of success get a coach!!! Just for your information there was no one that one gold at the Olympics in 2016 that didn’t have at least one coach and most had several!

A little snapshot of what people aspired to in 2017, they all look pretty worthwhile, so get started and get some help to make sure you finish!

Self Improvement or education related resolutions 44.3%
Weight related resolutions 32.4%
Money related resolutions 42.1%
Relationship related resolutions 22.8%

My assistant Erica suggests checking out this article on behaviour change (talks about how our worlds operate through equilibriums and that the best way to disrupt the equilibrium with positive change is by doing it in little baby steps) – http://jamesclear.com/behavior- change-paradox


Change your circumstances in 2017
– This is Brilliant.

Every situation you get into in your business and private life will have a mechanism where you can change your circumstances on its head if you look for it with courage, confidence and apply creativity. Take a look at this very creative approach by a competitor on America has got talent. This competitor skillfully moves himself from the competitor to the judge and at the same time befriends the other judges!


Change = Opportunity

There has been a lot of significant change happened in 2011, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2016 (and all the years before for that matter) and it is a better than safe beat that this will continue in 2017- In fact I CAN GAURANTEE THIS!

We appear to be more or less comfortable with this reality depending on the speed of that change and how we perceive it will impacts us. You may have a minor influence of some elements of the larger world but none of us are in control of most things that shape the world around you. So let it all go and rather than complain and rachet up internal fear of how it could effect your current circumstance, focus on the opportunity, for that is the sweet spot of our changing world. Dedicate all your energy and attention into how you react with the world, and concentrate on being in the best emotional, physical and mental state so you can convert opportunities into the things that you think constitute success.
Good Luck.


New Toho products and Services: Brand You

My Toho business partner, Les and I have launched a new product called “Brand You” http://www.brandyou.co.nz/ and would encourage everyone to consider investing in personal branding. This would really change the way your market place sees you and your accessibility to new opportunities. It also allows you to maintain a history of what you can do and have done as a living billboard for anyone to search.

My Gift to you
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Mark Collins