Why is it so hard to take advice?

Because we don’t all share the same emotional picture.

Make sure your advisers are respectful of why you do what you do!
Example: I say to my client that grows fresh vegetables, “You need to put the sales process ahead of everything else you do”. To someone, who just wants to nurture their plants and grow the best vegetables, that advice could be seriously challenging. Their brain knows that I am right but their pleasure comes from growing beautiful tasty vegetables and not dealing with people.

The challenge for all of us is to take the time to establish an understanding and respect for each other’s emotional links to their world.


When we have this we can communicate from a position of respect and trust, but that is not to say we shouldn’t be confrontational. With a shared emotional picture I should have said, “Recognising you are totally consumed by your involvement in growing the best possible vegetables, lets consider the best way to increase your sales”

Mark Collins
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