What If…?

whatifkey“What If” is a key that opens the door of positive opportunity and can let you achieve wonderful new things, yet the same key, keeps people locked in their current existence.

Freedom, success and progress come from using your “What if key” to think about how we make the changes that will give us what we want. IE What if we increase our sales by 3 customers a day and round our prices up to the nearest dollar we would be able to afford an extra weeks holiday??

Paralysis, sense of being stuck and stress come from using the “What if key” to think of ways the same changes will destroy what we have. IE What if the 3 new customers come between 11am and 1pm when we are already full, what if we upset our regulars, or our staff don’t like doing the extra. Most negative “what ifs” never happen, so empower yourself by asking “What is the worse thing that can happen and ” just do it” (no Nike’s required)

Mark Collins
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