What do your under pants tell you about yourself?

12clothesline1.480If you were to look at your washing line and pretend you were someone else you would be able to tell a lot about the person… Are they tidy fresh and sharp, are they worn and exhausted, do they have attitude and colour or are they washed out. There are many more things that you might guess from the line in front of you, like what effect does the other pair of underwear hanging next to yours have on things, but that is too complex………….

My point is there are hundreds of indicators all around you telling you about the kind of person you are doing business with, that you are working with, that you are taking advice from. Consider taking more time to value and notice this readily available information.

Please be careful – this doesn’t give you any right to judge someone, but an insight to what they need, to validate or understand what they are saying, and most importantly to better relate to them.

If this still feels a bit inadequate I could do an advanced DISC profile to help you interpret the clues and it is probably a lot safer than checking out some ones washing line?

Mark Collins
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