What customer experience do you measure?

The Art of Lists

When your business plan has a success measurement for every customer experience you are trying to deliver you are much more likely to succeed.

For example it doesn’t matter whether you run a concrete kerbing company, a hair dressing salon, or a house painting business. The customer would appreciate experiencing many of the same things.

  • Turning up ready to start when you have agreed to
  • Efficiently get the job done to a high standard
  • Don’t leave a mess – clothes, carpets or footpaths
  • Be easy to deal with- responsive, flexible, polite, positive and accommodating
  • Give them value –this is better when specific to each customer, so this may be as simple as knowing how they like their coffee, leaving touch up paint, a phone call to follow up a few days later, shouting morning tea.
  • Deliver what agreed in full, at the price you agreed.

A really good way to check how the customer feels about these specifics is to list them on a short simple questionnaire and ask your customers to rate your performance? Another good way is to ask for a testimonial focusing on how well you delivered the following things?

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