We are all challenged from time to time…

Christmas is looming but progress marches on. We are all challenged from time to time with changes that we are challenged by. This is very clever and amazing science with some great possibilities yet on the other hand I sense we just don’t know enough about the down side of changing the genome?.. Is there even a down side?

GMO cabbage :  for or against?


3 amazing inventions

No 1. Dean look at this for your concrete business but this has application every where to reduce water use cleaning, imagine the convenience of not stick kitchen equipment.

No 2. Liane and Drew this is the next break through for that personalised t-shirts and think of the other uses!! Spray on staff uniforms – the upside is they always fit!

No 3. Josh what ever you do don’t buy an umbrella business as that is clearly old technology, you can now go out in the rain with out getting wet

I have just been to a plant based food conference and the science around plant based nutrition being better for our bodies, health and wellbeing is pretty compelling. There will of course be many of my readers that will be very challenged with this news, in the first instance I must say I was too! May be this next example has a bigger place in the new food landscape than we would have previously thought?

Positive biodeveloped plant based shrimp!!




A fascinating video and a must watch but it is a little long. If you are interested in good health, your daily food intake or getting a better life watch some of this. It is impossible to ignore, it is about America but equally it mirrors the challenges of the NZ diet also.

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