The trap of false expectations about your rights?

Is our New Zealand society trapped in a misguided misunderstanding of success and failure?

There are thousands of opportunities for each of us every year to make decisions to improve our life. To do something that will improve our income, learn new skills, improve engagement with our family, make a bigger contribution to our community, do something entrepreneurial, educate ourselves and the list goes on. These opportunities are available to all of us, in our beautiful country. “Yes” it comes in different forms and “yes” some people seem to have an easy road than others, but no one can deny it is freely available.businessman-cleaning-dirty-and-grime-on-wall-with-handkerchief-to-reveal-beautiful-blue-sky

Many amongst us appear to sell ourselves short by not appreciating our opportunities and seeing too many things as our right. Then when we haven’t done our bit we think we are hard done by. This becomes our justification for a system and society with too many people living with poor health, poorly educated, poorly informed, defeated and unmotivated.

Abundance – knowledge and information has never been more available and at no cost.
Opportunity – there is a vast range of needs that people currently have that aren’t being met.
Application – How you apply yourself will have a vastly greater effect on your success than the availability of opportunity.
Effort – Increase your effort and maintain the focus.
Failure – Is nothing more than the results not meeting expectations! So take away all you have learnt and try again, and repeat it until you succeed.
Be Positive – It is much easier to succeed when you see the upside of things, and it is certainly easier to be happier on your journey through life.

Stop measuring yourself relative to someone else and rather, measure your self against your effort to reach your potential!

Mark Collins
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