How to think differently 2

Thinking differently will come if you allow yourself to create some changes in your life, all of which should be aimed at being positive even if they bring their own challenges, for example your diet.

Fruits-and-VegetablesI am currently doing some work with a client that required me to understand what it feels like to have to change my diet so I threw myself at it with a detox/cleanse and a month of fruit and veg, with some flirtations with eggs, fish and chicken and seemingly an undrinkable amount of water and a whole lot of not allowed items..

It was very hard for a few days and then it slowly got easier and progressively over time easier still although I had a few indiscretions – well I am only human..

The irony was that as I started this experiment it was hard not to think differently all day every day, the only problem was initially there were some challenges around staying positive.

Mark Collins
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