The value of a better idea

Quill-InkThere is a serious cost to implementing an out of date solution.

For example a café that reinstalls an old cash register instead of a new point of sale system,  because they think there is no cost and less new learning. Yet a new point of sale  system would bring so many new benefits like integrated eftpos and Xero, the  ability to send customers a text message, build a data base and produce  frequency, volume and sales mix reports.

These extras all add incredible value by  allowing the owner to make better decisions, improve the customer experience,  reduce time but also improve management processes, information and  accounting. The cost to change a system after 6 months or a year includes  deconstructing the existing systems, the staff training times two, the loss of  business growth and the delay in building your database. My point here is that  there is a lot of hidden cost in implementing out of date answers.

Start to view new ideas properly and realize the fear and distrust of adopting  new ideas and technology is probably holding you back.

Mark Collins
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