What is the status of your life story?

All great TV series, books and movies build engagement, learning, and work to build to a climax (the pinnacle the highest point) for your pleasure.

Life StoryThis can also be applied to the story of your life so ask your self what has been the pinnacle of your life? If you don’t answer what you are working on now you could be a “wasa”….. I was a success, I was a professor, I was the mayor, I was an architect, I was blah blah

Has your life story prematurely climaxed, or have you got a few more chapters to live?

Tomorrow is a new day and imagine how good tomorrow could be if everyone you knew made that the most important day of their life. I am asking you to try it and I would also like you to really make an effort to encourage at least one person in your life to also try it.

Mark Collins
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