The relevance of sports in our lives

be-the-best-that-you-can-beYou only have to watch the All Blacks, the Silver Ferns, the Black Caps or any number of other great sports teams from around the world to get a master class on: group goal setting, the benefits of holding each other accountable and group culture.

As this is the year of the Olympic games we will see thousands of individual people that have trained for a single event, for 4, 8 or possibly even 12 years.

They will all have done an enormous amount of hard work, trained relentlessly, given up many of the pleasures that the rest of us take for granted and you can be sure they will have experienced incredible disappointment. When you watch them you will have the opportunity feel their vulnerability, their courage, to be inspired by their tenacity, belief, self-discipline and desire to become the very best that they can be.

Most of you will likely never become Olympians but the thing that you must never forget is that you have other gifts that they don’t have. So be inspired and work hard to hone your gifts to be the very best that you can be and set out to be the roll model that our sports stars are for us.

Mark Collins
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