Recognise your role and skills – you are your best and worst asset?

supermanFor many years I have been fascinated by the differences between people and companies that survive and those that are extremely successful.
In many cases it is just the leader (Owner/CEO) doing what they are good at and getting help to do what they are not good at.

Companies that are not actively getting and using external party reviews of their decisions and activities are seriously disadvantaged. This  assistance might be with a business plan, a review of marketing and business development, mystery shopper campaigns, customer research,  supply chain reviews or public relations advice.

All the tasks you are involved with that are not your core strength will be  negatively effecting your success! Yes I know, owners and managers of  small or medium size business need to be able to do things they aren’t  always experts at. Recognise you aren’t an expert or are not objective  about something and get a little bit of help, even if you still do the grunt  work yourself.

Mark Collins
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