Open your mind to some new opportunities within your immediate reach

Some people have reported they don’t mange to read my newsletters so I have gone all out to make this a must read for everyone. Let me know what you think?

This month my letter to you is about opening your mind to some new opportunities within your immediate reach. Hopefully there is something here that really inspires you to get cracking and do something that creates a positive change and make your business stand out as a leader.

The first couple of articles are looking at the way technology is rapidly changing the way we do things and the way we receive services. The world market place has never had more innovation available to the small business owner. There is a massive opportunity to all of us is in the way we adapt and apply new technology to create style, efficiency, convenience and a dozen other highly sort after customer advantages.

3 D Printing

I have picked out two clips to demonstrate the amazing power of 3D printing and my prediction is that we will see a significant number of different 3D food mediums developed and in use by 2020. THIS WILL CHANGE THE STATUS QUO.


This second clip is longer and if you only want to view the piece on food skip to 5.30min for a short insight with Prof Hod Sipson from Harvard University.


No waiters

Whilst this is not appealing to me I have no doubt this is apart of a future we will be living more and more. I say this because in my observation anti sociable behavior is the norm for a growing number of people. At the very least this will become a new niche for some sit down restaurants but I can see huge similarities between this technology and the self check in when you fly Air NZ.

Imagine a Mac Donalds type operation with Air NZ type “self check-in” stations to self order your meals. How far away do you think this is?

No Cooks

This coupled with the 3D printing clip above is going to revolutionize the way food is prepared. With out wanting this to sound too scary this will indirectly effect every sector of the food industry over a relatively short time, less than 20 years. (including the equipment we will use in home and commercial kitchens.)

No Technology

Style, Can Do, 1+1 and Marketing Genius show that your employees can be incredibly creative and add to your business with out new technology. Sometimes we need to inspire our staff to get creative!

Look at these 4 X 60 second you tube clips and ask your self are you empowering your people to contribute their best? (Health and Safety concerns aside)


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.18.24 pm


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.20.50 pm


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.24.03 pm

Marketing Genius

Check out this video & ask yourself;  “If your bar staff could do this would you be full every night?”


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