Normal – what is your normal?

positive-attidtueNormal, looks different to us all, this is part of our unique signature and  can take many forms. The pattern of things, of our environment,  experiential behaviour, our rituals, (including our filtered perception) and  beliefs are all part of our “Normal DNA.”

Normal can be flexible and allows for slow evolutionary change. By virtue  of it representing an existing pattern however it doesn’t seem helpful when dealing with dramatic, unprecedented change. Our acceptance of normal seems to be part of our adaptive nature to pass off anything that is  predictable to our subconscious.

Your normal is what you are comfortable with, so the bigger your range of  normal the more confident and calm you will be over a wider range of  activity.  This will mean you will have more emotional energy and time to  create stuff that is exceptional, cutting edge and unique! This is the space  where people intolerant of mediocrity play. People that find “acceptable” as just not good enough are on their way to achieving something  extraordinary.

Do you aspire to achieve something better? Better than good enough?
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Mark Collins
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