Merry Christmas!

As we draw close to Christmas, I would like to thank all those of you that I have had the pleasure of working with this year. All of my friends and associates that have helped me and everyone else that has remained on my Blog or Newsletter list and have enjoyed my thoughts.

I would like to wish you and your families, good health and a marvelous Christmas and festive period and encourage you to take a minute to reflect on the highlights of your 2014.

My next newsletter will be out in February but in the meantime I would encourage you all to write down some goals for 2015.

The line between your brand standing out and being compromised can at times be very thin!
What do you want your brand to tell everyone about you?

Your choice: sophisticated, classy, subtle, risqué, anti establishment, fun, market leader, new world, innovator, conservative, reliable. Many of these concepts rely on being conveyed as a suggestion rather than said! So check out what people think and feel about your brand and marketing by asking your customers, it may help?

Both these two advertisements have things in common and to different people they could both endear a completely different reaction.  I found both of these humorous but with different compulsions to “Buy the Product”. I don’t wish to shock anyone so don’t click through if you are easily offended.

Innovation and Change

It is always difficult to push ahead with innovation or change when we experience push back, by our customers or staff or managers. Having spent much of my working life playing in this space the success or failure seems to be affected by three main things:

  • Our timing
  • Our ability to communicate the benefits of the idea
  • Our ability to sustain our belief and effort through implementation

I have come to believe the answer to all of these three things is in one way or another, our ability to “Measure”

  • Acceptable timing of an idea or change can be measured with market place testing.
  • Peoples understanding of the benefits can be measured by asking open ended questions.
  • Sustained belief, is enhanced by measuring, incremental live time progress.

I am excited to be in possession of some fantastic new software that helps create a visual picture of data, KPi’s and figures at the push of a button. I will be incorporating this facility into my client business plans over the first months of 2015. Please ask me about this when we next talk.

Most of you will not watch this TED talk as it is about 19 minutes but it is incredible and does give you some insights of how much easier it is to understand measurements that are presented in a dynamic pictorial way.

Communicating your Thoughts.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think my newsletters are just a few funny video clips, albeit I do try to season a serious/valuable message with some humor. This last message for the year is about communicating your thoughts!
Regardless of whether these are information and messages inside your business or thoughts with your friends and family. If you love someone – TELL THEM! If you like my newsletters and blogs tell me! (thanks to those that have)

Mark Collins
My Gift to you
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