Merry Christmas!

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It has been a great year and good to have been involved with some great start ups, new products, worked with some special people, handled some interesting “businesses for sale” projects, bought, sold and made some interesting art, started writing a monthly business  article for M2, launched ToHo with my friend.

Any day now I am expecting the coolest thing that I sponsored on a crowd funding site back in January…. A no wires levitating light bulb!

My focus for this coming year is around knowing about your self and your staff and your customers.

To know about yourself and your staff consider a disc profile which I can now deliver and worth every cent of the $200 they cost.

To know about our customers, the market opportunity, how customers use your product  etc….. in other words recognizing what we don’t know and then doing SOME RESEARCH!

I would recommend talking with Juliette or Jo-Anne at Relate Strategic or myself if you need help in this space.

Think of knowing like an investment in your success.


Les Probert  and I have launched a specialist Tourism and Hospitality consultancy focusing on improving business results by improving the customer experience. If you are in tourism, you are in hospitality and vise versa, is ToHo foundational premise.

We think the time is right for Tourism and Hospitality to really understand they are both in the same business.  We believe hospitality is a part of every, high quality, personal transaction and that we should think of a tourists experience as an accumulation of hospitality transactions in a destination and a country.

To repeatedly deliver excellent customer experiences a business needs to be sustainable so we help our clients to be; profitable, focused, have a strategic plan and know what their must achieve goals are.  We also believe hospitality success is achieved by focusing attention on the soft assets, such as: staff attitude, knowledge and style, the music and ambiance, how the place feels, efficiency and sense of order, generosity and being made to feel welcome.

I have worked with Les since moving to Auckland and we share an office together so ToHo is the result of seeing a serious need and opportunity that we could really help develop. This will be an extension of our current activities and will result in us creating some new products and services specific for businesses in this space.

For your interest and whilst this is coming I think we still have a way to go before it would appeal to me…



See you in 2016, have a great and safe holiday…



Mark Collins
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