Worth a minute and a thought.

m2magOMG where is the year going? Even if you aren’t a Cricket fan it is hard to ignore the excitement of NZ beating Australia at the weekend.
Take a look at these three treasures to provoke your thoughts.

Why “Why” is important!

Why “Why” is important! was an article I wrote that has been been published in  the just released March 2015 edition of M2 Mens magazine. Check it out page  116.

Gold fish in Tea

Would people talk about your restaurant/hotel if you served Goldfish in your Tea. The answer is YES! Check right now- Is there anything that your business,  gives your customers that is exceptional enough to talk about? Do something about it because it really will make a difference, if you can’t think of anything call  me.


Kitchen Invention!

This simple example of mechanisation shows that it need not cost the earth to  improve your productivity. Take this example of a small kitchen needing to peel  a 20 kg box of apples a day and how they saved $9429 per annum spending less  than $100.


Technology & Customer Service

Drone technology is advancing at an incredible pace with a Singaporean hospitality site using them to serve their customers. The message is clear to all  business owners, if your customer service people aren’t adding quality human interface and creating an exceptional personal experience your business will be  challenged by the juggernaut of further technology and customer service as we  know it, will be replaced – Probably within a decade! Check this video out and see  how exceptionally clever they have become! Get someone onto your Customer Experience Training now.

My Gift to you
Thinking Differently- over 100 idea starters

I have just released my first E book and for your interest I have gifted you the link to access your very own copy - pass it on to your friends!!!
Simply click on the image to access your copy now!

Mark Collins