March 2014

Genius, New Niches, Mediocrity and Excellence

I am really enjoying writing these newsletters and posting a blog two to three times a week.  Thank you for reading and sharing them with your friends

It is good to be working with so many successful and interesting businesses.

Genius is worth a premium

When you show confidence and deliver a product or service with an element of mystery you can’t help but create word of mouth and return custom. The guy in this short video clip gives his secret away but when you have a secret that fascinates your customers you should never tell anyone how you do it and don’t forget to charge for the show.

What secret IP could you use to attract repeat business. Do you already have a secret that people come back for that you could market to a bigger audience?


Latest niche cafés in Europe

The latest thing in hospitality appears to be Dog and Cat cafes -see the serious article of London’s latest and also this hilarious collaboration in a French restaurant. There are niche opportunities for you and your business just look harder!!



  (video clip provided by my father in law who is my dedicated under paid researcher)



Toughen Up - Michael Hill

Click here to order your copy!

Mediocrity and Excellence

In business you must become absolutely intolerant of mediocrity and lead the field in recognizing and praising excellence. Simon Cowel does both very well.


Micheal Hills Book

I read this book over the holidays and I think it is a great read for anyone in business but especially good for anyone in retail. It is very upfront about the hardships and the pleasures of being in business. My lasting memory of this book was the encouragement to live your own story and at $36 I thought it was very cheap information and an really inspirational.

Have a great March and stay in touch.

Mark Collins
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