“Making Sure” has value!

Make sure your people are doing everything you are charging your client for.

wall-4I am having a block wall built at home at the moment and I engaged a block  laying company to do the work, unbeknown to me they employed a self  employed block layer (using a modern business model of aggregating). I took  about 2 months to excavate the previous wall and lay the footings and when  ready on the date predicted rang to say I was finished.

The aggregator had Firths deliver the blocks the very next day and the block  layer started the day after. It was only then that I found out the block layer  worked for himself and from that point I expected I would need to manage my expectations through him. But much to my surprise a couple of days later  I received a phone call from the aggregator who was ringing to check on my  satisfaction with the work thus far before he authorizing the blocks to be pumped fill of concrete and completion of stage one. He said he had been to  inspect the work and was extremely knowledgeable about the job and the quality  of workmanship. Highlighting that he had noticed a variation of alignment  where new met old due to the footpath not being straight. (I couldn’t see it even  when I looked) He said he would instruct the plasterer to straighten this by re- plastering the old wall out at no extra charge.

I felt I had just experienced exceptional service just because the guy actually  made sure he delivered on what he had agreed to and had delivered on his  standards not just accepted the standards of who was laying the blocks.

Many contract food and cleaning providers could gain valuable kudos by doing  this better.

Mark Collins
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