Knowing who grew the cabbages in my coleslaw will not be enough

coleslawBeing able to prove the origin of ALL your ingredients, suppliers processes, suppliers supplier’s etc. Absolute place of origin, how it has got here, who has touched it, stored it and how long has it taken to get there will be critical knowledge.

As we see more and more public concern over food chain security the onus will fall on all successful companies to prove the reliable source of their ingredients.The latest evidence shows huge populous distrust in both USA and China of the safety of their respective countries food chain.

This will become an integral part of every company’s marketing story and will need to be verifiable and independently audited. This is a great opportunity for NZ primary and added value food exporters.

I recommend you integrate this thinking into your business plan now so it can become part of the way you think and an increased focus in your food safety plan.

Don’t forget to tell your customers – they really do want to know.

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