Know who your customer is!

know-your-customer-222x300Ask your staff to fill out the customer questionnaire on what they think you customers want, think they get, what are the best products etc and see how the answers compare when you then ask the same answers of your  customers.   The better the questions you ask the more succinctly people will answer.  People will usually answer two or three questions willingly, if it is easy!

Questions like, “Who is your ideal customer?”  Is it: Families/males/females/kids/teenagers/20-40/40-65/above 65? Survey 150 plus customers- Compare your findings and make the changes. It works!

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Identify the desired measurements and your commitment to action if this  bench mark isn’t achieved.  When coal miners take a canary down a mine shaft and the canary dies they don’t then rationalise this as “death because of  old age” They act decisively or they DIE.

Mark Collins
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