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The order of things can be really important in conveying meaning but sometimes our desire to maintain order is just emotional compliance. Imagine this following scenario occurred when you are out on a first date. How would you react?

You and your date go into a restaurant together. You both look at the menu with your date requesting that her dessert be served first followed by her main course. What do you think and how do you react? Do you find it intriguing or do you find it odd and incompatible with your own behavior of having your main first followed by dessert?
Surely it doesn’t matter?

The following day you are doing the crossword and the clue is, “desserts”-backwards, which of course is “stressed” (desserts spelt backwards).
In this case order clearly matters?

The irony is that the order we eat in is driven by the social norm and when this isn’t complied with it creates tension and stress between the status quo and the challenger. “Stressed” being the reverse spelling of “desserts” mirrors the emotional feeling of the dessert being eaten in reverse order.

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Food and the Future

If we are “What We Eat” what are we going to become?

I am always on the look out for “game changing” ideas and science that will effect the way we nourish ourselves and feed the world population which is estimated to be close to 10 billion people by 2015. This is a 33% increase in the next 35 years which will require us to rethink our existing food production and supply model.

I have always aspired to being part of a significant change, so this is exciting.  The challenge to make better food, more sustainable, grown, commoditised, distributed and consumed with greater awareness, compassion and intelligence.

Change is happening all around us with thousands of small, yet significant, changes to our attitudes, environment, understanding of what we need, food creation process and distribution systems. My most significant questions at the moment relate to, what is healthy food and how can it be sustainably produced in sufficient quantities?

In this regard, will this new Food Pod concept outlined in the attached link be simply a fashionable fad and fail, or will it be part of a new reality?…

The Food Pod – click the image below to view more.

This next article shows creative thinking and how that helps to get around compliance obstacles. It is also a great reminder that there are always many answers to all the challenges that we face in business and in life. If we can only free our minds of the restrictive thinking that stop us seeing and embracing the better answers that sit beyond the status quo.

Challenge your thinking and mindset. Open yourself up to different possibilities. Start by identifying your emotional blocks.

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