June 2014

New Technology equals opportunities for Your Business

In our fast changing world we are continually adapting our marketing messages and the mediums we use to be heard and noticed.

Consider these two new formats to create “Unique Selling Point” differentiation with your customers:

muki-310x185The digital display coffee cup would be perfect in tourist towns for selling attractions. Imagine being a café owner and being able to leverage a cross marketing commission as a consequence of your coffee cup marketing or if you are a business giving these out as promotional gift cleverly promoting you to clients. https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/mug-displays-electronic-messages-only-filled-coffee-163629540.html

Cook top with unlimited possibilities for my clients that sell ingredients and food preparations to take-home.
Wirlpool Cooktop

This is the future so get on board now, before it becomes normal?

Burnt and incredibly cool

Next time you want to chuck in the towel think of this short motivating history lesson about a man who epitomises “a drive to succeed”.

Niki Lauda, the past Formula One racing world champion crashed his Ferrari at the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring exploding into flames on August 1, 1976.

Lauda was trapped in his car for nearly a minute at temperatures that neared 425C. His scalp and face were severely burned.
“Another ten seconds and I would have died,” says Lauda.

At the hospital, a priest was called in to deliver last rites. “When I came into the hospital. You feel like you are very tired, and you would like to go to sleep. But you know it’s not just go and sleeping. It’s something else. And you just fight with your brain. You hear noises and you hear voices, and you just try to listen to what they are saying and you try to keep your brain working to get the body ready to fight against illness… I did that and that way I survived,” Lauda explained to a reporter. He added that when his wife at the time first walked into his hospital room, she fainted. “So I knew it could not have been good.”

Niki Lauda was one remarkably motivated man–with bloody bandages covering his damaged scalp he put on his racing helmet to compete only 6 weeks later at the Italian Grand Prix.

He placed fourth.

Pursue your dreams – check out NOMA

Rene Redzepi, is credited by some as defining Nordic cuisine, but regardless of how true this is he creates incredible food. He didn’t think he would be able to make a book of this quality so early in the restaurant’s journey, but focus, effort and belief resulted in success. Check out the video a little way down the link – which shows inspirational food shots from the book.

Sous Vide and Cold Pasteurisation

In 1988, I owned a half share of Kitchen Technique NZ Ltd a company that manufactured Cook Chill and sous vide products for hotels, restaurants and food service operators. It was ahead of its time in many ways and at the time it was challenging to get our 28 day shelf life products fully accepted. 25 years later, sous vide equipment sold by Southern Hospitality is really making an impact and could be an option worth considering.

logoFresh to Go has just installed a Cold Pasteurisation™ machine (High Pressure Processing) and is able to process other people’s products through their machine clean label, amazing shelf life with out heat and preservatives.

Upskill today before this happens to you!

This unique way of using the ipad gifted by a daughter begs the question of how many of us are getting the full potential out of the technology available to improve our business results. This is a 30 second video in German, extremely funny and makes my point very well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.04.35 pm

Let us talk about what up skilling could do for your business.

Some Great Business Card Ideas

– lets think more creatively it doesn’t necessarily cost more and in most cases creates vastly superior results.

Restaurant Salt Shaker Business Card

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.07.58 pm

Survival Training Dried Meat Business Card

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.08.53 pm

Inviting you for Coffee…

I will be spending a bit of time around the Epsom complex while the Fine Foods Expo is on in Auckland 22nd to 24 June and would be really keen to catch up with anyone who wants to have coffee and a chat. Ring me to arrange a time 0275 340 860


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