July 2014

It is always frightening to pass the half way point of the calendar year and as seems to happen every year I have yet again caught myself saying, “where  has the last 6 months gone?” I hope you are making great progress with your  business goals for this year, if not, it’s time to make some changes and get some  help. If I can’t help you I am sure I can refer you to someone that can.

Social Media can truly be your best friend and your greatest enemy!

These two no/low budget videos were an amazing success, and produced huge  commercial results!

This first 60 second You Tube clip is an example of how to create something- fun,  outrageous, humorous, shareable, not perfect but a cheap way to market your  business on social media.

The Dollar Shave Club

This second video will give you a whole new respect for how important it is to  make your customers happy. Dave Carroll had difficulty with United Airlines  who damaged his treasured Taylor guitar($3500) during a flight. Dave spent  over 9 months trying to get Unitedto pay for damages caused by baggage  handlers to his custom Taylorguitar. During his final exchange with the United  customer relations manager, hestated that he was left with no choice other  than to create a musicvideo for youtube exposing their lack of cooperation. The  Manager responded: “Good luck with that one, pal.”So he posted a retaliatory  video on youtube. The videohas since received over 10 million hits. When  United Airlines finally attempted to deal with it Dave Carroll was rolling in  dozens of opportunities, had increased record sales and had received various offers, including one fromTaylor Guitars who sent him 2 new custom guitars inappreciation for the product recognition from the video that has ledto a sharp increase in their orders too.

United Breaks Guitars

Calori Counter Technology

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 3.24.45 pmThis is a fascinating possibility, as one of the many tools that give our customers more choices around how they decide what to buy and eat. The composition and authenticity of the foods we are making continues to become increasingly important and now is a prerequisite consideration in product development for all food producers.   Read more  >>

Do your people work together with such grace?

My last message this month is the amazing benefits a business gains when people work as one. Imagine if your business flowed as gracefully and in unison as the birds in the clip. There is room in every business to get our people working together better, this in turn means a better customer experience and increased sales opportunities. Give me a call for a chat, a couple of workshops can do wonders to kick start this change.

STARLINGS A SYMPHONY in working together for protection and success

My Gift to you
Thinking Differently- over 100 idea starters

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Mark Collins