Unleash the Entrepreneur Within: The Ultimate Hospitality Startup Course

by Mark Collins & Douwe Hoogstra

Starting 1st February | 10 Weekly Sessions + 2 One-on-One Sessions I Cost: $2,500 +GST

Embark on a transformative journey to turn your hospitality dream into a thriving reality. Expertly crafted by industry guru Mark Collins and Douwe Hoogstra, this course delivers both strategic guidance and hands-on tools to actualise your vision.


Comprehensive curriculum.


Personalised one-on-one sessions.


Tools & actionable insights.

Step by Step: Crafting Your Hospitality Startup Journey

Ever dreamt of launching your hospitality business but didn’t know where to start? Look no further!

Mark Collins and Douwe Hoogstra bring to you a meticulously designed course to walk you through every stage of establishing a successful hospitality venture.

Course Breakdown:

  • Session 1: Foundational Queries
  • Session 2: Drafting the Blueprint
  • Session 3: Customer Profiling
  • Session 4: The Business Strawman
  • Session 5: Financial Modelling
  • Session 6: Ensuring Financial Viability
  • Session 7: Model Refinement
  • Session 8: Field Testing
  • Session 9: SWOT Analysis & Decision Making
  • Session 10: Strategising the Way Forward

And that’s not all! Benefit from two exclusive one-on-one sessions with Mark to tailor the course content to your unique business needs.

Save your spot today and lay the foundation for your hospitality success story.

Course Instructors

Douwe Hoogstra

Founder - love Your Business

Douwe is an experienced business coach and advisor with Love Your Business. He has specific expertise in mindset/ empowerment coaching, business planning and implementation support, based on broad business experience having owned, operated and grown a number of his own businesses, including a successful cafe/ restaurant.

He has high energy and loves to support passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. He is open and direct and basically never gives up.

Mark Collins


Mark Collins boasts four decades of pioneering work in the evolution of the food industry and stands as the chief consultant for food business coaching. He derives immense satisfaction from directly mentoring clients and consultants, focusing on operational enhancements and value augmentation. 

Mark has successfully spearheaded multiple business launches. He is fervently committed to sharing his vast knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs.

Hospitality Startup
Course Synopsis

Begin your entrepreneurial journey by identifying your core vision and values. Discover the driving forces behind your startup, and map out the key individuals that will steer its path. Recognise your bold ambitions, uncompromising standards, tangible motivations, and vital team roles.

Deep dive into understanding your target audience. Identify their needs, anticipate their experiences beyond products, and gauge the scale and proximity of your potential market. Additionally, determine essential external factors for success, from parking to foot traffic.

Deep dive into understanding your target audience. Identify their needs, anticipate their experiences beyond products, and gauge the scale and proximity of your potential market. Additionally, determine essential external factors for success, from parking to foot traffic.

Familiarise yourself with the tools and methodologies essential for financial modeling. A precursor to detailed financial planning, this session sets the stage for future fiscal analyses.

Delve into the numbers. Complete, refine, and understand the spreadsheets, making sure to spot and address any gaps in your financial model.

Crunch the numbers to understand your break-even point, explore potential growth trajectories, and ascertain the overall financial feasibility of your venture.

Address any issues, also known as ‘Red Flags’, in your model, refining and enhancing it to reach a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) status.

Venture into real-world testing scenarios. Gauge online interest, gather feedback from sample panels, test your concept with market stalls or pop-ups, and experiment with limited-time online offerings.

Evaluate your business concept against the renowned SWOT framework. Identify areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Post-evaluation, decide on the way forward: refine, restart, or reassess.

Sketch the future. Design a detailed project timeline, encompassing every aspect from securing the site and designing interiors to marketing, compliance, staffing, financial controls, and risk management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Hospitality Startup Course?

The Hospitality Startup Course, curated by Mark Collins, is a 10-week program designed to guide budding entrepreneurs through the process of launching a successful hospitality business. It covers foundational principles, financial modelling, customer profiling, and more.

When does the course start?

The course is slated to commence on 28th September.

How many sessions are there in the course?

There are 10 weekly sessions, plus participants receive two additional one-on-one sessions for personalized guidance.

How long is each session?

The duration of each session will vary based on content and discussions, but typically, sessions last for 90 minutes.

What is the cost of the course?

$2500 plus GST per business

Who is this course ideal for?

The course is perfect for anyone looking to venture into the hospitality industry, be it opening a café, restaurant, or hotel, or even those wanting to refine and upgrade their existing hospitality business skills.

Is any prior knowledge of the hospitality industry required?

No, this course starts from the foundational principles and is suitable for both novices and those with some knowledge of the industry.

What tools or software will be used during the course, especially for financial modelling?

We will introduce participants to various financial modelling tools suitable for the hospitality industry. While prior knowledge is not mandatory, familiarity with basic spreadsheet software might be beneficial.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to continue after a few sessions?

Our refund policy allows for refunds up to after the second session, with a 10%  deduction for administrative costs. Post that, refunds are not provided.

Will there be any practical assignments or real-world projects?

Yes, the course is designed to be hands-on. Participants will engage in real-world testing scenarios, field assignments, and projects that simulate actual business challenges.

Can I access the course material after the course ends?

Yes, participants will have access to course material, recordings, and additional resources for 12 months after the course concludes.

How can I reach out for further queries or assistance?

For any additional questions or clarifications, please write to us at [email protected] or call us at 027 534 0860.

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