Product Development

We are very customer focused and Briar who heads our product development work is trained as both a chef and a qualified dietician.

We work with our clients to improve existing products that aren’t reaching their full potential, develop the range of their menu or product offer to appeal to more people. 

The challenges of product development is knowing how to develop the product to fit existing packaging, fit with supply chain logistics, differculty to serve it or eat it, price point and shelf life.

Understanding that “new product development” is a dynamic process is essential to efficiently and cost effectively get new products to market. New product development needs to be, organised, focused, properly resourced and robust, but it’s also a great time to test innovation and new thinking.


There are specific requirements for a product to work in different applications and uses so we are often asked to help very successful operators adapt a product for a different market IE. a great event catering product that they want to modify to sell prepackaged in a supermarket.

Typically, areas where we support clients with product development include:

  • New product development process strategy and planning

  • Food product development and ongoing menu and range refurbishment to maintain interest, margins and customer interest

  • Food service menu and service range development to increase customer engagement, sales and profitability

  • Product development can also include methodology and packaging improvement

  • Product construction to improve margin and simplify production.

Case Study

Diversification can make a real difference.

We were engaged by a mainstream catering firm to help them better leverage new markets. The key people in the company had divergent passions, and in working with them we identified three key markets that worked to each of their strengths.

In this instance my role included helping them set up three geographically diverse kitchens that tapped into three vertically integrated market levels; contract manufacturing, retail and an event brand.

The new product development process was robust and the company was quickly very successful. We were able to establish distinct points of difference and benefits from each part of the brand. While there were challenges including different cashflow cycles between the three, and some important changes in staff – the result was a highly profitable and successful business.

Setting up 0 geographically diverse kitchens

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