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At Mark Collins, we have 45 years of experience in the hospitality and food industry. We bring our insights in every step of our work with you. Through our consultancy services, we have created an in-house marketing agency focus on bringing return on investment to our clients. 

Our services

Digital Marketing Strategy

We develop your brand strategy, customer profile and journey map to build a digital marketing strategy that connects you with your customers. This strategy focuses on meeting their needs over time in every digital space.

Content Creation

We create all content related to your campaign or marketing activities: short social media videos, social media templates, display ads, marketing print materials, and many more.

Email Marketing

Have you explored the power of your database yet? Have you thought about setting up a database to improve customer loyalty?
Recurring business is the key to establishing a solid sale pattern in the hospitality and food industry. Newsletters can achieve a great result!

Digital ads

How are you planning to grow your business? Have you considered online marketing? We work with hospitality clients to help them build their digital ads strategy and manage the campaigns around their business goals. Our strengths lie in our experience in managing compiling digital campaigns in the hospitality industry...


We will build you a website with your branding, and a design that will tell the story of your business. We can provide as much or as little as you need in this area, we can also build in CMS tools and training so you can edit it yourself if you wish. We also believe that SEO is key to success in the hospitality business.


Over the years, we have worked with numerous businesses in the food and hospitality industries, improving their marketing process, positioning, targeting, etc... we bring fresh ideas to your business leaving no corner of marketing unexplored!

Our clients

Our clients

Driving marketing initiatives for leading brands

Some kind words from our customers

“These guys are amazingly talent with complimentary skills and real passion- they work hard and will be very successful .”
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