Sales growth and business development

Sales growth and business development is intrinsically linked to the value of your business and your ability to sustainably increase your take home income.

Sales Growth and Business Development are critical to view together because as you increase your sales you need to increase the business’s ability to deliver. (customers won’t accept an inferior experience just because you were busy)

Because growth and sales increases never come in a steady flow you need a plan to be just ahead of what you need but obviously not too far that the costs aren’t being supported by the gains.

The Business Plan is the place you identify business improvements, plan capacity investment, identify and budget for any increased costs and match that with the expected top line sales increases. The Business plan also allows you to keep on track and keep everyone on board and working together.

Every business can improve and good businesses build continuous improvement into every level of their culture by empowering their people to deliver better customer outcomes, with better service, better products and a better understanding of what they want.

Sales and Business Development is achieved by doing a whole lot of improvements in the business to secure continuous repeat business and a community of advocate customers and then communicating the offer to a wider group of potential customers on an ongoing basis.

Our clients look to us to help with the sales and business development strategic thinking and then we work with them as coaches to implement it.

We start by doing an audit of the whole business which gives them the following benefits:

Case Study

Productivity improvement pays for new plant.

We worked with a dynamic couple that run a small cafe in a provincial city, They needed help to take their business forward so they could draw a salary.

They completed the evaluation process and just as a consequence of doing that were triggered to implement some changes. We reviewed that and coached them through setting up a one year practical business plan which included key changes they would need to make to grow their business. We then turned those objectives into a series of highly prioritised 90 day goals and worked with them in a coaching capacity to support their progress.

With in 3 months they had secured a consistent sales increase in excess of 50%, managed to take some days off, they then went on to trade at that level and booked a two week holiday overseas in reward for their progress.

They did a further project with us the following year to look at what else they could do as part of the desire to carry on growing. Needless to say they have expanded further and now have a second business with aspirations of a third and are very excited about their future.

Consistent sales increase in excess of


booked a 0 day holiday in reward

Some more kind words from satisfied customers

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