Next Level Success: Guided Coaching Course

$3,000.00 excl. GST

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If you prefer to pay by instalments, we can accept payment by Direct Debit in 3 x $1300 instalments. Simply get in touch with us via email , and we can process your order using our secure online payment system.

This is a Guided Coaching Course, meaning we are there with you and supporting you with zoom sessions, integrated text and email questions and answers to make sure you are doing the right things to get the results.

The course starts in August and we are doing a 50% OFF for the first 6 registrations to launch our prototype pilot. Hurry up, register now for the course and USE THE COUPON CODE PILOT at the checkout to redeem the offer!

How this style of coaching works 

  • Guided doing – On your time schedule 

  • Goals need a (why committed energy/ambition) 

  • Habits – Stopping and starting, they are yours to managed and  mastered. The right habits will make you successful and the wrong ones will take you down. 

  • MC Coaching platform introduction and tour 

  • Starting point = Last 8 weeks T/O week by week ex GST


Get More Customers 

Knowing Your Customer: 

  • How Do I Build An Avatar 

    • Multiple avatars – Mapping like needs 

  • Where – Why – What 

  • Who – You don’t want!

  • What stops them coming more? (IMPORTANT)


    • How do we connect with them database, social base/Instagram/social apps

  • Ask them 

  • Creating attraction – KNOW YOU EXIST

  • Endorsement – Recommendations 

  • Friends inviting them 

  • Deal 

  • Growing – One off opportunity 

  • Connections 

  • Immediate quick wins 

  • Use your existing customers as sales people 

  • Get personal (sharing values/emotional connections)

  • New and existing strategies for both 

Sell more products

Sell More Product/Menu Appeal 

  • What are you selling- List all items match `requirements to avatars)

  • The experience – Purchase journey 

  • USP’s 

  • Speed of service 

  • Easy to make- Cabinet verses Menu

  • Secondary service opportunity 

  • Type of service 

Charging the right Price

  • What to charge for:

  • Tracking what it costs

  • What will the customer pay?

  • Keeping live track of that- Loaded reports 

  • Adding value

  • Modifying your products to be viable

  • How to simplify a dish

  • Using bought in preparations

Make better profit 

Reduce costs 

  • Review all your costs and aim at a 10% reduction 

  • Subscriptions 

  • Automating Debits 

  • Food purchases 

  • Roasters 

  • Keeping your staff

  • Peer Review 

  • Spending 

  • Food cost %

  • Portion sizes

  • What you are measuring 

  • Stick to your target budget

Sell more:

  • Starting with existing customers 

  • What else do they need/want/would buy if they knew about it 

  • Get them to come more often, understand and create reason 

  • How to 

  • Get them to bring new customers 

  • Bundling and volume

  • Incentives/Accumulation and rewards

  • Increase the product range 

  • Faster speed of service/transaction 

What results are you getting?

  • Tracking and tweaking

  • Other areas of improvement


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