Performance Analysis

We help clients to identify areas of improvement and recommend actionable solutions to enhance business operations.

Our team will examine the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the business and will offer an independent view of your operation by examining each area of the organisation. This is to troubleshoot any issues that may be present in your operations, and suggest ways to improve them.

The performance analysis can cover a wide range of areas, and will typically begin with a review of the business’s policies, procedures, and practices. Our team may also conduct interviews with key personnel to gather additional insights into the business operations. 

  • Food and Beverage Operations: The audit team examines the menu offerings, food quality, pricing, inventory management, purchasing, and delivery processes.

  • Staffing and Human Resources: The team assesses the staffing levels, labor cost, employee retention, training programs, and employee satisfaction.

  • Financial Performance: The audit team examines the financial reporting, internal controls, cash management, and overall profitability of the business.

  • Marketing and Sales: The audit team analyzes the marketing strategies, customer engagement, and loyalty programs to increase revenue.

  • Facilities Management: The team evaluates the overall condition of the facilities, cleanliness, and sanitation standards, maintenance, and repairs.

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