MacGregor Brothers Espresso - Marketing and Business Development Case Study

The Challenge: Marketing to different segments of current and potential customer base

MacGregor Brothers goal was to improve awareness in the corporate and events market of their products and service, leading to significant revenue growth.


The MacGregor Brothers have been operating cafes in Central Auckland since 2005 and currently operate Rushworth on North Wharf.

They have recently started to bring their great coffee and fast pace to corporate events across Auckland and beyond.

Type of Business: Hospitality
Number of Staff: 10
Location: Auckland


  • The key differentiation of the business revenue streams and effectively marketing to them 
  • A diverse range of customer profiles and identifying their ideal clients
  • Greater insights into and knowledge of digital marketing strategies


  • Together we created a very clear set of customer avatars to understand their needs, how to reach them & identify the ideal clients
  • We created a very clear marketing vision and plan. 
  • We created a social media strategy and planner within the free software 
  • We created a market map of the ideal clients for the B2B business with contacts and directly solicited
  • We set up a successful Google Ads campaign to attract more B2B clients
  • Started a direct mailing list of existing customers to remarket to.


  • Web Traffic Increased 119%
  • Event bookings  and revenue almost doubled within 2 months
  • Event Enquiries up 60%
  • 300 Additional Instagram followers in the first month
  • Web Traffic Increased 119%

“Kerr’s knowledge, experience and advice has led to immediate,  significant and measurable gains for our business”

Name: James Gardiner
Owner, Auckland