Food Business Consultancy

We evaluate the performance across an existing business, give advice based on specific client needs and circumstances.

When developing and designing a new food delivery system or hospitality service it must align with your vision and intended purpose. It also needs to embrace an operational future at least in line with the life expectancy of the asset you are building. There has never been more dynamic pressure on operators to provide more individualised service, manage with less skilled  staff, improve price points through mechanisation, efficiency, be environmentally clever all of which must be considered in the design. The return on investment will be significantly improved with an operationalised design that works efficiently and optimises efficiency and customer experiences.

We offer business owners, and investors an outside unbiased opinion to help them understand how they can operate their businesses to get:

  • Better results or different outcomes

  • Make operational change

  • Operationalisation, new designs facilities, business modernisation and upgrades.

When you deliver exceptional customer experiences you can count on people’s custom. That means surety for you, your business and your team, along with the ability to access increased profits, increased growth and a lot less grief.

Some of the projects we have undertaken for our clients include:

Case Study

Getting back in to the franchise.

A franchise company was experiencing push back from their franchisee operators and engaged us as their Hospitality Consultant to evaluate why and suggest some solutions.

We interviewed several franchisees and found they were feeling trapped, manipulated and leveraged to their disadvantage. We referenced their comments against what had been actually happening in the business and identified specific examples of behaviour that was causing problems.

We facilitate frank and honest meetings between franchisees and franchisor. As outsiders we were able to maintain credibility with both parties. From there we set about working together to create better communication and an inclusive approach to change management. We set up strategic planning sessions where the overriding goal was to deliver real benefits for all parties.

A few years on, they are all making significantly more money and the franchise company has a very different culture. Acting on our advice, they ran at least one franchise outlet themselves which helped them maintain franchisee empathy that had been missing. They developed an uncompromising commitment to franchisee success.

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