Your Foodservice Business Should Be Thriving In Our New Reality.

By now your bar, restaurant, cafe, catering or other food service business should be operating near or beyond pre-COVID levels (like how this country pub increased sales by 30-40% over the 2020-2021 summer). If this is not the case, this is not a reflection of the economy but a reflection of your need to figure out what’s missing from your business before it’s too late.

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You don’t need a Plan B

Two things prompted me to write this article. The first, a diary reflection that Cameron Sims wrote when he was hitchhiking in the South Island after finishing his university degree,…

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AdviceI don’t need advice.I cant afford advice.I didn’t like the last advice I got. How do I know the advice will work?At one stage or another you may have found yourself…

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The MOST important thing

Are you always working on the most important thing?For most people that have their own business, getting this right truly is a game changer. When you stop doing the things…

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How well are you listening?

How well are you listening? Listening is totally different from hearing and unlike hearing, we can and should put considerable effort into improving how we listen. Listening allows us to…

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Success requires 150% Obsession

Obsession: A key ingredient in the recipe for “Success” In a fast paced world where everyone is continually seduced by instant gratification and “more for less” messages, it’s easy to…

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