Little French Pastry - Business improvement Coaching Case Study


Needed help to review and improve their business model and set up to survive.

Solution: To adapt fast, create online sales and a direct to customer channel pre-Easter 2020 – Covid level 4 and then work out a path forward.


Little French Pastry: Owned by Mat and Ben, two very hard working Pastry Chefs with a great passion to do what is needed, pamper and please their customers, innovate and succeed. A wonderful business to coach because they took decisive action, tackled challenges with positivity and humour and always gave their best.

Type of Business: 2 separate sites- Kitchen and Cafe
Number of Staff: 10                Location: Auckland


  • The business was only oriented to sell wholesale. 
  • No retail, transaction website, system, delivery solution or marketing experience.
  • No revenue coming in 
  • No cash reserves
  • Unsure what they needed to do or how to do it.


  • They created a new website on Shopify, made and uploaded product pictures with a shopping cart.
  • Simultaneously implemented marketing and turned on sales in 7 days and Easter the week after
  • Successfully survived through Covid and 2020
  • Went on to build cash reserves to stabilize the business and learnt an incredible amount in 12 months
  • Ready for expansion, new kitchen and cafe 2021


    • 7-day online startup
    • $4k + T/O 1st week
    • 12 months 150k cash reserves.

“These guys are amazingly talent with complimentary skills and real passion- they work hard and will be very successful .”

Mark Collins – Business CoachMark Collins NZ Ltd