About us

We're a specialist food & hospitality consultancy

Mark Collins NZ Ltd is a specialist consultancy that helps Food Business Owners achieve better business results with improved strategies, products and processes.

Our mission is to deliver practical ideas, innovative tools and curated information that delivers aspirational results and helps as many SMB owners build successful businesses as possible.

Our philosophy

We believe explosive results and massive growth come from incremental progress made simultaneously in a number of key areas supported, with a desire to continuously improve on yesterday.

The team

We have been advising NZ food businesses for well over 10 years and have an excellent reputation as a pragmatic, innovative solution creators and independent advisors.

Mark Collins NZ Ltd has connections with every part of the New Zealand Food Industry. The combined experience of all our consultants is unmatched by any other consultancy and allows us to confidently tackle the biggest and hard jobs that others can’t do. We assemble a team of the best people with the right expertise for each project across hospitality, food manufacturing and all iterations of food service.

Our consultants are experts in different food delivery systems, sales and marketing contract manufacturing, product development, menu and concept development, central production facilities, extended shelf life food preparation techniques, complex food management logistics, market-oriented food concepts and operational delivery large and small.

Mark Collins

Mark Collins has had forty years at the development and exciting front end of change in the food industry and is the lead consultant in the food business coaching practice.

Really enjoying the one-on-one contact and mentoring clients and consultants in operational and value improvement. He loves working with hard working, committed, ambitious managers and owners build and run great businesses.

Erica Nguon

Erica is a digital marketing strategist and leads the marketing and client connection activities, specialising in systems improvement and coaching clients to build sales growth with applied marketing and client connection systems.

She believes in providing solutions that are both effective and efficient, while empowering her clients with a newfound confidence in marketing their own business. Erica's approach is inherently customer-centric and it is through her data-driven process that she has been able to achieve ground-breaking results.

Briar Trevedi

Briar is the product and menu development specialist who has worked within a large and diverse top end hospitality operations. She has also completed a degree in nutrition and food science, and is now a registered dietician.

Briar has acquired an in-depth understanding of the applications of nutrition in a wide scale of food production applications. This has been in valuable experience when developing products menus and communications for specific niche customers with fashionable, ethical, allergy and food trends needs.

For larger consulting projects, we assemble a new team of specialists for each project is that it maintains a fresh mindset without the biases of long-standing teams. 

It also allows us to look for just the right skills and experience regardless of whether it’s someone that does numbers, food science, digital programming, hands on food and service, change management or customer experience

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