Hospitality businesses demand a high volume of energy from their owners but not all energy is equal.

There are two types of energy that are both essential if you are to succeed and will create a repeatable experience that is reliable, profitable and at the same time exciting and enjoyable.

I like to think of these as ingredients in a cocktail- allowing for each business to build considerable variations that all work to different degrees in different situations.

A successful hospitality business has hundreds of moving parts and to grow to a reasonable size there needs to be a good system to hold it all together. The energy that drives organisational process and focus needs to be strong and solid, and uncompromising. The staff rostering methodology, the cash up procedure, the food safety plan, the kitchen, and bar recipes are all needing to be done the same way by everyone to deliver a consistent reliable outcome and support the business and the result. It also needs emotional energy that is endearing, exciting and irresistibly contagious. This energy fuels the passion of creative cooks, marketers, cocktail-ologists, waiting staff that creates excitement, unpredictable, unique moments with connection and best-ever experience status. This energy has magical powers that attracts customers and staff back over and over and because the buzz from this can be life changing and addictive.

Like all great cocktails we can adapt some of the elements to suit the customer, the performer, or the situation but the ingredient costs and the time to make it must always be relative to the cost.

Emotional Energy, Logic, and Discipline.  EQ + IQ + CN (customer needs) = GHE (Great Hospitality Experience) and this is great business!

Super charge your business by improving your energy recipes, to make your customers and your staff happier, and while you are doing be happier and make more profit.

Mark Collins

Hospitality Business Coach
[email protected]