We are starting to see people getting back into positive routines, supported by good habits. This alone will deliver a massive shift in a person’s mental state but is also foundational in you achieving next-level success.

Have you managed to get back into a newly established routine? Have you managed to shake off any bad habits you may have picked up over the last couple of years of change?


It is critical for all of us to know that what we do has value but, even more importantly, know the results we achieve. To do this well, we set goals.

In everything, the results we get are dependent on the strategies we use. You are not alone if you find more complex strategies harder to manage. A complex strategy will have multiple parts and stages requiring consistent focus and effort. They are usually implemented over a longer period than simple strategies, and some sort of progress measurement helps maintain the commitment. An example of this might be the multiple strategies required to take your business success to the next level.

In our business coaching, we help clients to turn as many of these as possible into repeated actions (habits), making success the result. The most successful turn these habits into rituals of pleasure and report they don’t even feel like work.

Some examples of rituals that can make you feel good:

  1. Measure, measure, measure and know what your numbers should be and are. Not knowing how you are going can add to the stress of running your business.
  2. Talk to a random selection of customers every week to understand what they like, why they come to your business, and what they tell their friends (good and bad). When this becomes a habit, you will feel better for knowing and they will know you care.
  3. Talk to your staff individually and purposefully to find out how they are doing, what frustrates them, what we need to improve. The consistent repeating of this process makes your connection with your staff amazingly strong and allows you to be able to make a difference regardless of what is going on.
  4. Set your intention and hold yourself accountable for your performance every week- Review and write down what you achieved? This can have a huge impact on how you feel when things are good and even when they are not so good.

One strategy to grow your business might be to get some help. In our modern world, we have many choices and are used to paying for help when we can’t do something. The cost of coaching should pay for itself from your improved results, so pick someone that inspires you to be the best you can be. 

An example of a strategy would be to engage a coach to learn how to grow your business to its capacity in two years. Your coach then develops that to be: “I will grow my business by introducing 20 new clients a week and get our existing customers to return more often than they are currently.” This results in 1040 new customers a year with the old ones and the new ones coming more often, which means both new and existing business growth compounding on itself until you reach capacity.

5 good habits you can implement today to get great results

  1. Look at your goals every day and ask yourself what you could do today to move progress along.
  2. Keep score of what you did towards it each day and if you didn’t manage anything, put a line. (It helps motivate you to improve)
  3. At the end of each week, measure and track your progress IE Of the people we asked what % were first-time and what were return customers. Of those that were returning, ask them, “when did you last come?” Keep a chart of the results.
  4. Continually implement strategies to encourage new customers to come for their first time and track the results of each strategy.
  5. Continually implement strategies to encourage people to come back with in 4 weeks. IE. VIP incentives, special event nights, bring a friend, vouchers with 4 weeks used by date. Track the results of each strategy.

Habits work because they create a routine of repeated effort; even if something seems difficult to do initially, it will get easier. With dedication, these habits become the anchors of your day, so much so that you miss them when you can’t do them. Daily exercise and or meditation are examples that are well documented to show how repeated practice builds strength and achieves results even under incredible resistance.