Are you happy with your results and business progress? That is a simple yes or no question?

Maybe you need to tighten your focus and form some new habits (repeated actions) that help you succeed with your business goals. By adopting new habits that support you achieving better strategies you will find success comes so much easier.

Some examples are:

  1. Measure, measure, measure and know what your numbers should be and are.
  2. Talk to a bunch of customers every week to understand what they like, why they come to your business, what do the tell their friends (good and bad)
  3. Talk to your staff individually and purposefully to find out how they are doing, what frustrates them, what we need to improve
  4. Set your intention and hold yourself accountable for your performance every week- Review and write down what you achieved?

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Lets say your goal is to grow your business to capacity within the next two years.

Your strategy is to grow my business by introducing 5 new clients a week, and get our existing customers to return more often than they are currently. 

5 Good Habits

  1. Look at your goal and strategy every day and ask yourself,  what can I fit-in to work on today?
  2. Keep score of what you did towards it each day and if you didn’t manage anything put a line. (It helps motivate you to improve)
  3. At the end of each week measure  and track your progress IE Of the people we asked what % were first time and what were return customers. Of those that were returning, ask them, “when did you last come?” Keep a chart of the results.
  4. Continually implement strategies to encourage new customers to come for their first time and track the results on each strategy.
  5. Continually implement strategies to encourage people to come back within 4 weeks. IE. VIP incentives, special event nights, bring a friend vouchers with 4 weeks used by date. Track the results on each strategy.

Habits work because they create a routine of repeated effort and even if initially something seems difficult to do, you will make progress. With dedication these habits become the anchors of your day, so much so that you miss them when you can’t do them. Daily exercise and or meditation are examples that are well documented to show how repeated practice builds strength and achieves results even under incredible resistance. 

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