Any restaurant owner can design his or her own restaurant logo. But with so much competition out there, how can you create a logo that sends out the right message?

Your patrons want to know why it’s a better choice to go to your restaurant as opposed to someone else’s. So how can you as a restaurant owner design a logo that conveys value and quality?

Afterall, a logo should speak for itself. So what are the elements that make a good restaurant logo?
Here are some important aspects to keep in mind when designing a logo that communicates value to patrons—both past and future.

Logo Essentials for the Restaurant Industry

4 main aspects should be considered before you design a logo for your restaurant. Perhaps you are changing your current logo to something more relevant. Or maybe you are creating a restaurant logo from scratch.

Either way, it’s imperative that you work on a clear industry identity (that it is indeed a restaurant), simplicity in your design, the appropriate colours, and an inspirational message.
Here’s how you can do exactly that.

Industry Identification

Your logo may not always be coupled with the name of your restaurant. For this reason, you must make sure that the logo itself can stand alone as an identification piece. In other words, make sure that anyone who sees it will know that it’s for a restaurant.
Of course, there are instances when a restaurant logo is a name itself, in which case you can couple it with some form of artistic expression that alludes to food service:
– A plate of food
– A knife and fork
– A piece of food
– Cookware
But how can you be sure that these elements communicate value to potential patrons? Well, you should choose a good restaurant logo template that conveys the type of value you offer at your restaurant. A picture paints a thousand words (and in some instances a hundred emotions too).
But more importantly, you should also include the following elements to a good restaurant logo to emphasize value.


Hopefully, you have the good sense as a restaurant manager to display your logo on all forms of content posted on social media. When doing this, a simple logo will go a long way to identify you to patrons.

Simple logos that aren’t too busy or complicated will appear easy on the eyes, and will ironically stand out more when your audience sees it. So, keep it simple and you’ll get more loyalty online.

Colour Appropriate

Colour plays a huge role in any kind of marketing. Ask yourself some of the following questions, and also research the messages’ colour conveys in branding:
– Is my restaurant hip and happening? Am I trying to attract a younger demographic to my
establishment? Then go with ORANGE.
– Is my establishment’s atmosphere more formal and high class? BLACK or WHITE may work best
for your logo.
– Is my restaurant a family gathering place where kids are welcome? YELLOW and/or BLUE could
be a great way to convey this.
– Does my restaurant offer a massive variety of food and beverages? Are my patrons encouraged to be creative when visiting my restaurant? PINK and PURPLE convey this message rather boldly.

There are many ways you can use colour to convey the right message, so choose mindfully.


A good restaurant logo will always inspire people to WANT to eat at your establishment. You inspire patrons with your logo the same way you inspire them to eat your food based on what they see described on your menu.
You can use this principle in your logo design. Some of these inspirational restaurant logos will give you an idea of what works!

Attaching Your Logo

As mentioned before, it’s prudent to attach your logo to everything you post online. Whether it’s a
menu, a special offer or a simple content post, be sure to spread the word by attaching your logo to every communication.

Social Media Posts

Original memes, images of your food and menu offerings should always display your logo. This is how you create brand awareness and attract new patrons to your establishment.
They will get the message of value by subconsciously noticing the colour message, the simplicity of your logo and the inspirational and creative design you’ve attained.

Onsite Familiarity

It’s important to remember that this same logo needs to be prominent WITHIN your establishment too. When patrons sit down at your restaurant, is there an air of familiarity that affirms where they are? If your logo has attracted new patrons, make sure they experience the same message they garnered from your marketing efforts by displaying your logo (and the feelings that accompany it) within your restaurant.

Final Thoughts

By implementing all of these aspects into one logo, you will end up with a restaurant logo that speaks on your behalf. This type of branding does half the work for you when you’re advertising, so start now and create a compounding brand awareness effect TODAY!

Felix Coleman