It is obvious to say that 2022 might be the most challenging year so far through COVID-19 for the hospitality and tourism industry in New Zealand 

Many business owners have seen their turnover decrease by 50% to 75% since the Omicron virus was detected in the community. CBD workers have deserted their office, and there is no tourist or international student to reduce the negative impact of the RED light alert level. 

The most challenging part for the business community is the rapidity of how the situation can change, how quickly customers can shift, and giving no guarantee on business patterns from one month to another. 

Not without mentioning that there is no support from the government such as the resurgence package or the wage subsidy that was implemented in the past for the previous outbreaks.

A question remains for every business owner: How will I survive the next 12 months? How can I adapt? 

As business and marketing consultants, we coach many businesses over critical actions that need to be implemented to overcome difficult situations. 

A quote says, “On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.”

Everything depends on each business owner’s resilience to reach out to find the resources they need to adapt. There are opportunities and support for those ready to look for it! 

Activate Tamaki Makaurau is an excellent example of offering free business and marketing advice and implementation through service providers like us. Deciding to invest in assistance requires a mindset shift and a conviction to do whatever it takes. Even if you are engaging our support without Activate Tamaki Makaurau that investment is small compared to the cost of not changing. 

Our next workshop is a short overview of how expertise and knowledge can positively impact some of the significant issues and challenges you’re facing. 

From helping business owners assess each part of their business, getting to know the available customers and what they want in a changing environment, defining your vision, setting-up goals and action plans, all these steps are the key to surviving in 2022. 

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