Success is such a personal thing and depending on your individual circumstances and the strategy you pursue as to what it will look like.

Some of our clients have pivoted and developed new business streams, hybrid customer channels using click and collect, some have taken the available subsidies redeveloped their operating system by including Loaded Reports, new menus, developed their marketing and business plans, built a new website, learnt some new skills, trained their staff, done maintenance or physically renovated their site.

To get a return on any of this work they will all be looking to operate a better business in the year ahead.

I hope everyone has done something through each of the Covid shutdowns and hopefully it will make your business work better for you, your staff and most importantly your customers through the year ahead.

Of the many clients we are fortunate to work with, some have set their goal on growing in spite of Covid, doubling down on their previous targets and business aspirations. Little French Pastry is one such client that has done many of the things on the above success list and are really kicking some goals

They have agreed to share some of their story with the rest of our clients and interested businesses in the hope it will help someone improve their business or just uplift them with hope and belief. 

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