We are very proud of the achievements of many of our customer’s but we are also cognizant of how difficult it is.

Some of our clients have achieved inspirational results and the owners of Little French Pastry are in that exclusive group. The purpose of this workshop is both to acknowledge, inspire and share valuable information to help you in 2022.

Don’t miss a full disclosure discussion with Little French Pastry owners Ben Chevre and Matthieu Betron on what they have done to thrive through the last 18 months and some advice that you can apply to your business for greater success in 2022.

I will list their successes because they are probably too shy to. 

  • Then they have agreed to share their insights as to what were the 10 key reasons. Little French Pastry flourished and doubled its business through the most difficult hospitality period in NZ’s history.
  • Discuss some of the problems that they have had to overcome and how they did it.
  • What are the biggest challenges they expect to face in 2022?
  • Some insights to their plan next year and beyond to make sure they stay on track.

This is an exclusive insight to business owners like you, that are dealing with today’s business challenges, and what they have done to solve them.

We all know how uplifting it can be to see someone in a business just like ours doing well and really succeeding. I hope you can make the time to come and listen to their advice.

Register today to save your seat:  https://www.subscribepage.com/freehospitalityworkshop_november