Productivity is way more than just generating an
improved profit.

5 other reasons to increase productivity and gain big life-changing benefits:

1. Reduce your workload and spend more time doing what you want –  When you
improve your personal productivity you will gain MORE personal time, more family time.
Doing this might include: discontinuing jobs that don’t serve you, delegating,
outsourcing, automating tasks, consolidating tasks and learning to use tools properly.
There are lots of ways we help clients reduce their workloads, most of them save money AND increase available time to do other things.

2. Increase the value of your business – When you focus sufficient time to working on
your business (sales, COG’s, labour etc) not only will you increase yours and your teams
productivity but you will also  increase the business value (the sale price is usually a multiplier of profit)

3. Take away friction to improve customer experience – When you simplify customer-facing systems and processes in your business you will improve productivity AND the customer experience. Happy customers spend more and come back more often. Have
you ever been asked for your personal details more than once during a purchase(that’s
poor process mapping)? Poorly designed customer experiences always cost you return customers.

4. Increase your business capacity – When productivity improvements allow jobs to get
done faster it almost always results in increased transaction throughput (IE more customers) Let’s just say you serve 560 customers a week and you manage to improve customer transaction time by just one minute per customer, you have just saved 9.3 hours of cashier time a week. If the cashier is on $30 per hour you have saved $14,559 of cashier time per year, and you have also created the potential of 9.3 hours of extra
table time. 

5. Improve staff job satisfaction- Inefficient and time-consuming processes will frustrate your staff, resulting in poor staff retention and create difficulties attracting replacements. Old inefficient point of sale and rostering software that is slow and clunky will drive the staff crazy. There are a large number of modern tools that are smart, cheap and easy to use. So if your staff have used superior tools and processes in their previous job they will not
want to go backwards- Loaded Reports is a great example of great software that offers
incredible value.