Business Planning

Business plans are extremely useful and critical to your success.

Benjamin Franklin famously said “To fail to plan is to plan to fail”


We know no one plans to fail, but if you aren’t planning to succeed it must mean you aren’t planning.

When you create a business plan you need to be able to do two very important things.  Make decisions and consider your options, and how well you do these will make a big difference as to how easy it feels.

  1. Decide what you want to achieve…. 
  2. Decide what needs to happen to get there
  3. Decide who will do what
  4. Consider what could influence and affect your progress 


Change your business success and learn why making a business plan will change your life. There are a lot of hospitality people hurting badly at the moment and learning how to make and use a business plan could literally save their livelihood. 

Our goal is to encourage every hospitality business in NZ to have a current business plan and use it to get more success out of their business.

Mark Collins