Life IS Now


Are you creating a positive legacy and are proud of the life you live? YES or NO?


If you answered “no” or “not always” you CAN make your life different. You can choose to live a life you are proud of and the change is very achievable. Anyone can change regardless of their circumstances, their financial situation, the way they were brought up and their education or lack thereof. 


To become a better person, to have better self-thoughts, to experience feeling good and to make measurable progress to being in control of yourself, starts by doing something kind for another person without desire of payment or benefit. It doesn’t matter how small that is, but it is critical that you challenge yourself to make a difference and you must do something every day, continuously. This discipline is within the reach of every person on earth and I will personally guarantee if you do this everyday it will change your life. At some point it will significantly change the way you feel about yourself and the opportunities that come to you.

Your life is your big story; when you have lived it well, it is rich with things you did, things you learnt, problems you overcame and adventures you had. A life well lived will inspire others around you to do better and to have the courage to set audacious goals, to do the hard work and to honour the gift of life by using it positively 365 days of every year.


It pisses me off to hear people making excuses about not being able to do this simple thing! They are disadvantaged, in an impossible relationship or one of a hundred other reasons why they can’t make change. They are all excuses.  Everyone needs to take responsibility, find the motivation to start, and to do that one small act of kindness for someone else and repeat that relatively easy step every day until you know you have made a small difference. When you feel that you are on your way to feeling proud, you will know you have started. As soon as you know you have started you will experience positive thoughts about all the possibilities around you and start to dream about how your life might be. Be patiently impatient about a better life and the only thing that can derail you is if you stop that single discipline of doing a random act of kindness daily. 


This could start off as something as simple as writing a page in your life story, every single day. Personally this intrigues me because the more everyone steps up to live a better story the better the environment we all create around us. The better our work and family environments are, the better our schools will work and the more appealing our country will be for us.


  The richness of your story is underpinned by four things:


  1. Exchange of feelings – You may never know what someone else feels but you greet each day with new energy and the need to do one random act of kindness. This becomes part of your story and this is seriously amplified when your feelings and that of the person you helped are combined. 
  2. Style- Initially it is satisfactory just to do the random act of kindness daily but the process changes when you do it with style (your style….whatever that is)
  3. Smiling – You can never smile too much. If you view the world and your everyday moments while consciously smiling you WILL be happier, see more opportunities and likely be a lot more successful. 
  4. Lineage- This is spiritual and so the link may be delicate. Sometimes our memories and belief in the best of our forebearers is a better history rather than relying on the perspectives of historians. The truth happens on many levels and history seldom does them all justice. 


The only way to learn about life is to experience it. To let your fears determine what you do will drastically limit what you fail at but more significantly what you succeed at. Live with conviction and with empathy.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky

It may be a cliche but nonetheless a true one.

Mark Collins