Are You Making The Best Of Your Resources?


You have four significant assets that can deliver many times more value to your business with no extra cost!

  1. Staff 
  2. Software
  3. Internet
  4. Customers

Most people want a silver bullet and think the answer to all their problems will look sexy and shiny and new and sometimes that may be so, but often it is learning to get the most out of what you already have. I will explain how this list of four things that are so often taken for granted can be used to create huge value to your business!

Your People- Managers and Staff.

Can add exceptional value both as individuals and when they really work together. We have all at some stage worked alongside someone who achieves great results and almost makes it look easy. Usually that is because they are technically proficient, they are focused on the objective and they enjoy their work. Imagine if all your people were like that? Now also think how much more is achieved when people really work together, it can be as much as double or more. If you need more convincing, look at any number of sports teams that have multiple stars yet never win a tournament, they just don’t play well together.

Action: get to know what makes your staff tick. At MC we get some great results for clients using a tool I’ve used since before MC even came to be. It’s called “Extended Disc” which is a simple and inexpensive psychometric test. It delivers exceptional value in the areas of: Leadership – management, Recruitment – selection, Sales – service, Growing – developing people, Team composition and Dynamics. It’s not new, shiny or sexy but it sure works wonders


You will find out the things you need to improve on and the new things you could sell just by talking to your customers and asking the right questions. Better still you  learn how to encourage all your customers to be your motivated sales champions, make your customers the hero’s of your business.  Just by giving them something noteworthy to talk about you can achieve this, but remember “Good” isn’t good enough.

Action: Aim to be exceptional and show your customers how to spread your message, ask them to post on pinterest, supply a hashtag for twitter, “like you” on facebook if their experience was exceptional or better etc. 


I have never seen a business where their software wasn’t underutilised! Often this is because the business has never embraced the software properly and it is only used to operate the business the same as it did before the software was purchased. This everyday software can range from accounting products, point of sale, CRM systems, full management software through to loyalty apps and even the Microsoft Suite on the office computers.

Action: Understand what the potential of your existing technology is (sometimes best to get a young staff member to review this- they are tech natives, smart, and don’t have the “baggage” that often comes with experience). Implement small changes by training staff on one change at a time, follow up and check everyone has learnt and changed before you move to the next new thing, but make this continuous. 


Every business has a web presence and access to the internet but few businesses realise the potential of this amazing connection to access information, enable research, conduct staff training, make extra sales, engender loyalty, find staff, communicate, check out pricing and competition, systemise ordering, collaborate etc. Sure, every business does these things but most, hardly scratch the surface of the potential of this amazing tool. 

Action: Challenge your staff to come up with suggestions on how you could get more out of the internet, give a prize to your staff for the best suggestions and implement the best idea. Repeat it over and over, you will be absolutely amazed at how making better use of the internet will change your business success! 

Mark Collins