Activating Your Super Powers

We all need to be open to superpowers existing and that ordinary people like you or I could develop access to them. I was introduced to Quantum Energy in 2018 and began practicing the teachings daily with some very interesting results. Quantum works on the principle that all matter is energy with its own unique signature. I understand this to be that all things, all energy is connected without the limitation of time or physical form. When the teachings are practiced and mastered this allows us to be free from our real-world constraints and create a connection to ‘ourselves’, in the ‘now’ releasing ourselves from the stories of our past.

With an open mind around energy, we decided to go on holiday to Bali, not only did we revitalize ourselves through an assortment of spa treatments, but my wife Tracey took me to an amazing healer that had the ability to channel energy. In fact, the story was that when this lady touched you, it felt like you were receiving a flow of electric shocks. Of course, this was irresistibly fascinating for me and an experience that I wasn’t going to miss out on, so we set about hunting her down. This healer had a small single room studio, separate from her house in a very normal street, a twenty-five-minute scooter ride from our Ubud, villa. Without Google maps, we would never have found her, no signs, no claims or branding, and no suggestion of anything different from every other house in the neighborhood.

My treatment, which lasted about half an hour, could only be described as serenely spiritual, humble, ancient, and a science fiction experience all in one. She massaged my body lightly but when she hit an area where she felt congestion or resistance, I would feel an electric type shock literally flowing through her hands. This energy appeared to increase or decrease depending on what she experienced within me, but for me, the most amazing part was when she touched my head. I had my eyes closed and every time she touched my head, I experienced an intense flow of continuous white lights behind my eyelids.  Even more incredible, when her hands were in the proximity of my ears, I could hear a powerful energy Humm, similar to the noise Luke Starwalker’s lightsaber makes in a Star Wars movie. It was an unbelievable experience and I was not surprised that the skeptical part of my mind wanted to verify that she had no hidden battery packs.  Of course, she did not!

This woman was the most humble person I have encountered in my life – simply wanting to give back, to help support individuals with their health. It hasn’t always been easy for her, in acknowledging her gift, and in needing to learn to manage the intense energy she possesses. This superpower and the responsibility of its management, in the early years, was a problem and not a gift. It seems reasonable that we are all blessed with some special power if only we are open to it. There are so many things we don’t yet know about ourselves and the potential range of our human capability. We all have significant, unknown powers that are available for us to discover and master. It is up to us to acknowledge and learn how to tap into more of our potential.

For me the 5 key learnings from my experience are:

  • Possibility abounds all around us, but for us to experience it as a positive we must be open to it, learn about it, and embrace the change that comes with it.
  • Belief is incredibly powerful and when leveraged can support us to achieve incomprehensible results.
  • Sometimes our super powers may be the cause of our problems, so don’t be frightened to seek help and to talk about what you are experiencing.
  • Most of us are unaware of our superpowers and may never learn to develop them into a strength.
  • There is incredible magic hidden all around us, unmarked by a sign. We just need to look for it and stay fascinated by what we don’t know. 

There are extraordinary achievements happening all around the world continually and nearly all of it is the result of collaboration, perseverance and hard work.  The healer I met overcame the initial fear and lack of understanding of her gift, and sought help in understanding and managing her power, moving on to help others and to share some of the possibilities of the world we live in.


Mark Collins