Is your world full of clues to what you have done, or what you aspire to do? Do you have yesterday’s trophies and old pictures on the walls, continually reliving how it used to be? Check your office and marketing material and make sure it talks about achievements that your staff and customers see as current. 

It might be time to put a mirror up so that you can see yourself in the current reality. The mirror is of course a metaphor, and might in reality be a dashboard of your current numbers, a reflection of how you are currently doing relative to where you want to be. This will help you live in the moment, stay current, and encourage you and those around you to embrace change. By continuously measuring the now you will improve the focus and the realisation that everyone needs to make a contribution. It doesn’t matter what your job is and where you are in the organisation there will always be a measurable action that will help you improve your contribution, be proactive, and find that for yourself.

What to Do:

  1. Start by eliminating everything that is irrelevant- If you are unsure put it all in a box and put it in the “storeroom”. eg remove it from your daily work environment.   
  2. Find aspirational pictures that depict where you want to go, what you are trying to achieve. This could be a series of targets, a mantra, or a collage of pictures (vision boards). You might choose to have two of these vision boards, one for your work and one for your personal life.
  3. Take time to consider these visual reminders every day, and ask yourself what you are doing to move closer to making these a reality.
  4. About once a month (more often for high achievers) measure your effort and progress (don’t blame or make excuses).
  5. Keep going.

Important factors in your success:

  1. That you start as soon as possible- A cliché I know, but the sooner you start the sooner you will see a change and start to get improved outcomes.
  2. Get really clear and honest with what you are excited to achieve, have or do with your life.
  3. Focus and work diligently and relentlessly (100% is the minimum)
  4. Don’t lose belief, stop or give up.

These things all work together, for example, a goal that you are really passionate about is easier to commit to, remain focused on, and maintain your belief in. Which of course means it is much easier not to give up on, but to push through the hardships that invariably come before success.

The middle of the year is a great time to let go of everything that isn’t helping you achieve your goals as part of building success and momentum. Regardless of how old you are, it’s healthy to clear out your mind, house, and your office of everything that is holding you back.

Another shortlist of things to consider:

Your beliefs, thoughts, pre-programmed opinions and answers, the conversations in your head, reasons, excuses, loyalties, friendships, habits, company, what we spend our time on. This is not an exhaustive list and with practice and time you can refresh all these things, so they are helping and not sabotaging your efforts. Don’t get me wrong it is good to keep a file of all your successes and occasionally look at them to reaffirm that you have been successful and can be again. It seems that if I am to live a full and worthwhile life I need to continue to grow and learn new things, enjoy new successes ongoing, and have a purpose in my life. This requires courage and having old success memorabilia and success lists can help but once they have served their purpose put them away, so they don’t steal your future.

Value Yourself 

I meet a lot of incredible people in my role as a business coach, I love helping them to succeed and make a contribution to the world we share. Some of your contributions that you may be undervaluing:

  • Being successful at something can encourage belief in those around you 
  • Selling a product or service that people need
  • Employing people on fair wages and conditions
  • Teaching someone what you know- trainee, apprentice, colleague, yours or other people’s children
  • Helping those around you- it may be  giving your time, a meal, some excess fruit, etc
  • Inspiring people to do better and follow their dreams

Make 2021 count for something significant!

Added tip: For some associated reading consider Brian Tracey, Tony Robins, and John Kehoe.

Mark Collins