Don’t underestimate the value of a fresh start to revitalize you, reduce your anxiety levels and create separation from things that didn’t go so well.

Working with people in businesses that are going through change often means working on a deeply personal level, and helping them conquer their biggest issues. We all have times when we feel overwhelmed, too busy, or just out of control, these feelings consume a lot of energy and drain our personal power. Just by learning how to reset, you can immediately get your power back and once again live life with purpose and influence.

Start off by Resetting your:

THINKING- Practice “gratitude thinking” for 10 minutes a day and for a further 5 minutes a day contemplate what you are willing to do, to make the life of someone you work with, live with, or care about, better. With gratitude and generosity, you will change the way you think about yourself and everything in the world around you. You will also change the way the world treats you.

ROUTINE- By simply changing some of your daily routines you can significantly increase interest, possibility, and opportunity in your life. These are simple things like changing your gym time, going to work via a different route, taking your lunch break at a different time, etc. These small changes will help you meet different people, increase the variety and interest in each day’s activities.

HABITS- These can be a bit harder for some people to tackle but try sitting in a different place in your lounge, at your favorite café, etc. You can also try to displace a bad habit and the best way to do this is to replace it with a new habit that serves you better. Focus your energy, effort, and priority on the new habit and just let the old habit go.

FRIENDSHIPS- It is essential to reset and review contact with friends that are always negative. I don’t necessarily suggest you terminate friendships just because the person is negative, but you do need to make sure the people you spend the most time with are positive and uplifting.

MOOD- Laugh out loud REGULARLY to reset your mood and general wellbeing

CAREER- It is amazing how exciting it can be to reset your career by changing your job. – Think about it!

BELIEFS- These are significantly harder to change, but these can provoke really empowering changes at any part of your life. Genuinely challenge yourself with this question, “why do I believe that?”. It can be very liberating to eliminate beliefs that limit your personal growth because they are rooted in fear.

GOALS- It is very important to reset your goals often and make sure you always have a healthy array of goals. It is important to set new goals progressively as you succeed and achieve your goals. Help as many other people to achieve their goals as possible, but never at the expense of you also working on achieving your own goals.

LIFE- Sometimes after a death or separation, an accident or illness you are forced into a reset. As difficult as these situations are, there are always some upsides regardless of how hard this is to believe. These are opportunities, albeit you may put an incredible amount of energy into resisting a reset of this nature. Take some comfort and trust the process; it is the reset mechanism that will be your savior. 


Here are five things that will help you master the use of “reset”. 

  1. Accept that not everything is within your control.  
  2. Have gratitude for your life and all the good things that you have experienced. 
  3. Have the courage to be free and relish everything that comes with the opportunity to make mistakes, albeit most of the time these are nothing more than unanticipated consequences.
  4. Don’t take more than you give and cherish being humble.
  5. Laughter is the best reset of all.

Mark Collins